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Charles Shoaf

My name is Charles Shoaf and I am 44 years old. The Lord delivered me from the addictions of drugs and alcohol and now is pressing on my heart to help others. I want to tell you a little about myself and the path I choose to go down as a young teenager.

At age 11 years old I was saved in an old fashion Baptist church and was so on fire for the Lord. I took my bible with me everywhere, even to school. So when my mom got sick with cancer when I was 15. I knew my God was going to heal her. I prayed and trusted the Lord to bring my mom home from the hospital. So when she didn’t come home I got so mad at God and cursed him and turned my back on him. And 8 months later my Dad passed away with a massive heart attack. I was left all alone.

At the time I thought I had no were to go. During that time in my young life I came in contact with a biker gang I will not name and they took me in.

They were good to me and loved on me or so I thought and introduced me to a life of drugs, alcohol and sex. I fell into their life style so fast I didn’t even know what was happening until it was too late. I would do most any kind of drug that was given to me and lived a life of cheating and lies for over 20 years. During those 20 years I saw friend’s get shot right beside me and I couldn’t even cry or show any emotion or I would be shot as well. I got so addicted to drugs I couldn’t make enough money to support my habit so I started dealing to support it. At one point I even started running guns for the biker gang to get the money for my drug addiction. I was so deep into this gang I knew I would never be able to get out, not alive anyway. I knew too much and once you were in you didn’t leave.

During these 20 years I got married and had a daughter. I watched them suffer through the years because of the life I was living in front of them. I put my family in more danger than even they will ever know. I was in 18 car wrecks, 4 of them head on collisions. I’ve been shot at, in more fights than I can count and pushing away everyone that was good in my life. I lost everything I had because of this addiction but through it all for some reason God did not see fit to let me die. Although I should have many times. I came to my lowest point setting in a church parking lot with a gun to my head. I just wanted to end it all. That’s when the Lord spoke to me and said “SON, I LOVE YOU”. That was my turning point I rededicated my life to Christ and went to the Biker Gang and told them what had happened to me and I wanted out. To my surprise they allowed me to leave and wished me well. God has given me back everything the devil took from me. I have remarried and have a godly wife that loves the Lord with all her heart. The Lord called me to preach and has now given me a vision to start GRACE RECOVERY CENTER.

My mind use to be consumed 24/7 with the addiction of drugs and alcohol. I have truly found deliverance, peace and happiness through Jesus. Now my mind is consumed with getting Grace Recovery Center up and going. God’s no respecter of persons. What He did for me He will do for others.

Grace Recovery Center will be like none other. God has given me a gift through my trials to minister to others that is under bondage with these addictions. I myself went to a drug rehab center; it was a 12 step program not a Christian based program. While I was there the 12 steps were not working for me. I knew the Lord was the only thing I needed to get off of the drugs. Even in my recovery the Lord starting using me to witness to the other people in the program as well as the staff. I took every opportunity I could to preach to them and God used me to lead 75 people to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. By the end to the 36 day program the staff was coming to get me in the middle of the night to pray for different ones that were going through withdrawals and I was even offered to come back to preach after I finished the program. I know the Lord allowed me to go there to be a witness to others. I am so thankful that He did.

It has been said that the success rate for a non-Christian rehab center is only 5% but a Christian rehab center is 84%. I believe with Christ it is 100%. Will you help me in this call? Please pray for my wife and me as we start this recovery center with God’s help. I would like to share more with you if you would like please contact me at charles@gracerecoverycenter.org. I would love to hear from you.

In Christ,
Charles Shoaf

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